Gynecologic Skills Trainer 

Key Features

The trainer will be useful for demonstrating the following procedures : 

Product Details

The Gynecologic Skills Trainer P91 is an adult-sized lower torso designed as a versatile clinical training tool to add hands-on experience for learners practicing gynecologic skills.

It is an excellent tool for developing diagnostic skills and learners confidence to provide patients with high-quality comprehensive care.

SKINlike™ high-quality silicone offers during palpation and bimanual examination a realistic look, feel and texture in addition to a life-like softness. 

The four different uteri modules with externally palpable abnormal pathologies are easily interchangeable and can be completed with 6 different cervices.

Interchangeable uteri with externally palpable abnormal pathologies to train diagnostic skills

  • Normal uterus which can simulate an anteflexion or a retroflexion.
  • Bicornate uterus.
  • Uterus with removable myomas.
  • Enlarged uterus (13 cm large, 11 cm high).

cervices for visual recognition of normal and abnormal anatomical characteristics including 

  • Normal nulliparous or para 0 cervix.
  • Normal multiparous cervix.
  • Ectropion cervix (erosion).
  • Dysplasia cervix.
  • Cervix with carcinoma.
  • Barrel-shaped carcinoma cervix.

Additional Features :

  • Adult-sized female lower torso with accurate anatomy, including ischial spines, pubic bones and sacrum for a realistic examination. 
  • Leg stumps already in examination position and with the gynecologic examination wedge the possibility to simulate a leaned position of the patient as in a gynecological examination chair. 
  • The bladder can be simulated full or empty to make the palpation of the structure possibly restricted.
  • Offers realistic flexibility of the vaginal canal wall. 
  • Seamless, flexible skin for practice of speculum placement.
  • Labia can be realistically separated. 
  • Urethra built for catheterization simulation with CH 14 catheter.
  • Abdominal wall can be removed quickly and without any tools to change the uterus and the cervix easily.
  • Latex free.

    Delivery content:

  • Gynecologic Skills Trainer P91.
  • Uteri set  (4) :
    –   Normal uterus
    –   Bicornate uterus
    –   Uterus with 3 removable myomas structures
    –   Enlarged uterus
  • Cervices Set (6 ):
    –   Normal nulliparous or para 0 cervix.
    –   Normal multiparous cervix.
    –   Ectropion cervix (erosion).
    –   Dysplasia cervix.
    –   Cervix with carcinoma.
    –   Cervix with barrel-shaped carcinoma.
  • Gynecologic examination wedge.
  • Lubricant (2 x 250 ml).

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ICU Bed Mechanically (ABS Panels & collapsible side railings)

  • Frame work made of rectangular M.S. tube.
  • 4 Section top made of perforated MS sheet.
  • Backrest, Knee Rest Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg and Hi-Lo Positions manoeuvered by seprated screw from foot end.
  • ABS moulded head & foot bows.
  • Collapsible swing away safety side railing.
  • Telescopic IV Rod with four locations.
  • Bed mounted on 125 mm dia castor two with brakes.
  • Overall Size : 210 L x 90 W x 60-80 H cms.
  • Finish : Epoxy Powder Coated.