Best Suture & Knot Practice Kit designed with care and with feedback from med students


Our basic training kit has been redesigned and improved after medical students used it and came up with ways to improve the product - students are the primary users of our product, so who to trust if not the actual user? Our latest product update features a combined platform of knotting board and skin suturing board, making the simulator more cost effective, durable and portable

Practice Suture & Knot using Absolute Fidelity Kit

Surgical Suture
(Silk, 2-0)

Knotting Cord

Knotting & Suturing Board

Scalpel Handle & Blade Surgical Scissors Herger Needle Holder Adsons Forceps

The Practice Suture & Knot Kit by ABSOLUTE FIDELITY is a complete surgical practice kit for medical students everywhere. It contains everything that is needed to practice stitching in a way that is close wound closure simulation. The suture practice pad is DURABLE AND HIGH QUALITY itself is one of the keys to success with this suture kit.

The KNOTTING SLINGS that simulate wound edges and gives a realistic tissue response. The DEEP-WELL POD is included to help develop Competence in ligation in deep seated structures. Thus, the ABSOLUTE FIDELITY suture & knot kit provides the best human tissue simulation imaginable.

Tested by Medical Students FOR Medical Students !

To be sure the ABSOLUTE FIDELITY suture & knot kit and pad will do the job as intended, extensive testing by medical students was employed. The students were instructed to carefully asess each item in the suture kit and provide feedback for improvements.

In fact, this testing is continual, allowing Absolute Fidelity to continue improving the product. The outcome is the highest-quality suture & knot training kit possible for the best price – providing students with the best value in suture training anywhere.

This is a COMPLETE SUTURE & KNOT PRACTICE kit containing everything needed to practice suturing techniques anywhere…even while between classes.

The ABSOLUTE FIDELITY suture practice kit contains :


Our suture & knot kit is designed to replicate the anatomical structure of human tissue, to provide the best human tissue simulation possible. It has sufficient space for creating multiple incisions and its repair. The pad is long lasting and can be used by a group of students at different times.


Second generation suture & knot kit! Our latest product update features a combined platform for practicing both suturing and knotting. This feature improves portability, durability of the suture training kit and, a feature that competitors cheaply made products lack.


We have done extensive testing with medical students and had them provide feedback and perfect our product! We strive to improve the product features with each new release to bring you the best product possible and help you learn to suture.

If you’re a medical student looking for ways to improve your suturing skills from home, this is a good investment to make. In fact, I heard about this from my professor and he mentioned that a lot of his students used silicone skin simulation pad to perfect their suture techniques. It’s not quite like reality but a definitely a good simulation!

Naresh Kumar

Medical Resident


Suture Practice Makes Perfect Sutures

Although in more than 5000 years of suturing there has only been two major advances, this does not mean that nothing more may be learned. To be sure, suturing techniques have improved over time and new techniques are developed often. Still, the basics such as learning how to properly tie a square knot cannot be understated. Whether practicing your one or two-handed ties or by using an instrument, any suture practice kit is only as good as the student who makes use of it.

The ABSOLUTE FIDELITY surgery practice kit was designed to encourage repeated use so that students need not fear limiting their practice to a few sessions. Medical practices are called such for a reason: Practice is the key to a successful medical career. This kit cannot be understated…it contains everything a med student wanting to learn to make perfect sutures needs for success AND at a price that can’t be beat. The ABSOLUTE FIDELITY suture practice kit is strongly recommended for medical students everywhere…especially those trapped in class room conventional teachings.


Get Suture Training at Home

Our large suture kit is a great suture practice tool and can be used for extra practice, study or teaching. The suture pad is made of the highest quality PU Foam rubber material, comes with layers of tissue: skin, muscle and fat, providing the next best anatomical simulation to practice on, after an actual human flesh or a dead animal. There are multiple cuts of different width and depth can be created and its repair can be accomplished using various techniques.

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ICU Bed Mechanically (ABS Panels & collapsible side railings)

  • Frame work made of rectangular M.S. tube.
  • 4 Section top made of perforated MS sheet.
  • Backrest, Knee Rest Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg and Hi-Lo Positions manoeuvered by seprated screw from foot end.
  • ABS moulded head & foot bows.
  • Collapsible swing away safety side railing.
  • Telescopic IV Rod with four locations.
  • Bed mounted on 125 mm dia castor two with brakes.
  • Overall Size : 210 L x 90 W x 60-80 H cms.
  • Finish : Epoxy Powder Coated.