Injection Simulator – Intramuscular

Upper arm, with Electronic Feedback

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This high-quality I.M. simulator represents a right upper arm with all important anatomical palpable landmarks such as acromion and humerus. The realistic anatomy allows for placing correct intramuscular injections in an exceptionally graphic way. The built-in fine electronics produce audio-visual feedback of the result, e.g. correct or incorrect injection, bone contact, or wrong location. Additional trainings and control modes optionally provide an immediate or subsequent performance check under training conditions. The included lifelike silicone skin is extremely durable and can be quickly and easily exchanged when necessary.

  • The intramuscular simulator is supplied with:2 AA batteries.
  • detailed instruction manual.
  • replacement skin.
  • 5-ml injection syringe.
  • 21G/0.8 injection needle.

Intramuscular injection can be practiced realistically without a real patient !


Intramuscular Injection Simulator – Upper Arm

Intramuscular Injection Simulator – Upper Leg

Buttock Injection Simulator

Intramuscular injection simulator

Intramuscular Injection Model of Buttocks

Intramuscular Injection Simulator

Intradermal Injection Simulator

Item No.








Body part

upper arm

upper leg


muscle extract with skin

pelvis with buttocks

lower torso


Palpable anatomical landmarks

Injection type








Injection sites

as indicated by a trainer

as indicated by a trainer

as indicated by a trainer

all the surface 

as indicated by a trainer

as indicated by a trainer


Proper injection

audiovisual feedback

audiovisual feedback

audiovisual feedback

green light will appear

skin welt will form

Additional information

training and test modes are available

training and test modes are available

training and test modes are available

will absorb fluid

special skin material does not show needle marks

simulated bony structure is embedded in the torso

liquid skin repair kit included (M-1013686)

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ICU Bed Mechanically (ABS Panels & collapsible side railings)

  • Frame work made of rectangular M.S. tube.
  • 4 Section top made of perforated MS sheet.
  • Backrest, Knee Rest Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg and Hi-Lo Positions manoeuvered by seprated screw from foot end.
  • ABS moulded head & foot bows.
  • Collapsible swing away safety side railing.
  • Telescopic IV Rod with four locations.
  • Bed mounted on 125 mm dia castor two with brakes.
  • Overall Size : 210 L x 90 W x 60-80 H cms.
  • Finish : Epoxy Powder Coated.