Injection Simulator – Intravenous

Arm, Active Bleeding

Key Features

Product Details

The I.V. Injection Arm P50/1, made of 3B SKINlike™ silicone, is unique in quality and design and allows realistic training to teach competence to medical staff. It is also very suitable for group instruction because of its high quality, stain resistance and easy-to-clean soft material.

It is ideal for practicing the following :

  • Correct puncture of peripheral veins for blood sampling. The following veins can be punctured: basilica vein, cephalic vein, median cubital vein, dorsal venous rete of hand.
  • Intravenous injections.
  • Positioning of a butterfly catheter.

Delivered in deluxe storage carton with : 

  • 1 injection arm with already mounted tubing system.
  • 1 infusion bottle.
  • 1 stand.
  • 1 bottle of artificial blood concentrate (250ml).
  • 1 plastic cup.
  • 1 disposable syringe and 2 injection cannulas (recommended cannula size: 20 and 21 gauge).
  • 2 tubing systems as replacement parts.
  • 1 container of talcum powder.



IM site

Subcutaneous injection

Intravenous bolus injection

Sterile technique

Infusion technique

Suture, incision and hemiodialysis site

Pressure squeeze bulb and clenched fist simulation

Simulation of collapsed veins

Replacement skin and veins

Venatech IV Trainer
Item No:1017966

Skin 1021707

Injection Training Hand

Item No:1017962

on request

Portable I.V. Hand Trainer 
Item No:1017958

on request

Portable I.V.Arm Trainer

Item No:1017960

on request

I.V. Training Hand
Item No:1005754


on request

I.V. Injection Hand

Item No:1017963

Skin 1005667

Veins 1005665

I.V. Arm & Hand Trainer

Item No:1013746

on request

I.V. Injection Arm
Item No:1021418



Skin 1021426
Veins 1021427


Intravenous Training Arm

Item No:1018755

on request

Injection Arm
Item No:1005809

in deltoid area

Skin 1013384

Veins 1013385

Geriatric IV Arm
Item No:1005777

Skin 1020949

Veins 1021257

SMASH Advance Patient Training 

Item No: 1019645

Skin 1012333

Veins 1020609

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ICU Bed Mechanically (ABS Panels & collapsible side railings)

  • Frame work made of rectangular M.S. tube.
  • 4 Section top made of perforated MS sheet.
  • Backrest, Knee Rest Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg and Hi-Lo Positions manoeuvered by seprated screw from foot end.
  • ABS moulded head & foot bows.
  • Collapsible swing away safety side railing.
  • Telescopic IV Rod with four locations.
  • Bed mounted on 125 mm dia castor two with brakes.
  • Overall Size : 210 L x 90 W x 60-80 H cms.
  • Finish : Epoxy Powder Coated.